Product Samples: Critical for Successful Sourcing

By Meghla Bhardwaj

Global Sources

The secret to a successful sourcing journey is starting it right. This means finding the product, the one that could generate millions in sales, but also making sure quality’s top-of-the-line and that you’ll be sourcing it from a trustworthy partner.

Product samples are critical when selecting the right supplier. Any buyer who’s ever gotten a bad product shipment will attest to this.

Samples are important as they let you evaluate not only products but also how your potential supplier delivers.

Even if you have sourced products from the same supplier many times over, you still need to go through the sample process before placing an order for a new product.

It doesn’t matter if its custom made, unbranded from the factory, or even wholesaled from a major manufacturer. You always need to protect yourself through a scrutinizing sample process.

The samples are usually the best that the factory has, so if there’s anything wrong with the samples – you must bring it up with your supplier. If there’s something wrong with your samples, even something small – you must address it directly and frankly, or else you will be ordering multiple products with this same defect.

Don’t ever assume the manufactured product will be higher quality than the sample. Find a supplier who matches the quality of product and service you’re trying to bring to your customers.


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Meghla Bhardwaj

Meghla has been working with China and India manufacturers and importers for more than 15 years. More recently, this includes Amazon Private Label sellers.

She organizes Global Sources Summit, a 3-day conference for online sellers twice a year every April and October. She also hosts meetups for online sellers in Hong Kong and Singapore. She was based in China for 10 years before moving to Singapore 4 years ago.

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