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When a marketers voice is louder than industry experts, those eager to learn can often wind up being fed information that could ultimately hurt their business. With the popularity of the e-commerce industry growing, it is now more important than ever for entrepreneurs heed caution when learning how to build their businesses. The Private Label Insider has done a phenomenal job curating this industries leading experts and giving them a platform that provides content purely focused on assisting others, and not pushing their own product or agenda. 

Sam B., Shenzhen, China

I have been incredibly impressed with the quality of the information provided in the Private Label Insider. Even as someone fully enmeshed with Amazon sellers and the issues that private label sellers face, I consistently learn from each and every edition of the magazine. Private Label Insider is a must-read for all private label sellers. If you are not reading Private Label Insider, you are giving up the opportunity to learn how to develop your brand and how to protect your brand.

CJ R., Long Beach, New York

There is so much information on how to rank a product on Amazon, I never knew the right approach. With last month’s article, I was able to fully optimize my listing to boost to page one in just a little over a week!

Marcy C., Galena, Illinois

The Private Label Insider is exceptionally well laid out and professionally designed magazine with extensive use of sophisticated graphics. The content is highly focused on the unmet needs of private label merchants selling on the Amazon seller platform which is among the fastest growing segments of the overall e-commerce industry.

John L., Traverse City, Michigan

Finding a profitable product was always a challenge for me until I read last month’s article on Product Research. With one of the black belt strategies in that article, I found a product that will easily net me $5,000 in profit once it launches with little, to no competition.

Jake T. , Brattleboro, Vermont

I keep hearing about how China sellers are coming in and even stealing people’s intellectual property and I for sure didn’t want that to happen to me. So glad to have read your article so I can know exactly what to do!

Deanna S., St. Augustine, Florida

I recently started selling internationally through Amazon’s EU program, but did not know about all the VAT details until I started reading going through the masterclass in the Insider’s Club. So glad I have a guide to follow to get caught up on complying with Europe for my sales.

Trace D., Sedona, Arizona

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