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We help develop your brand strategy.

If you are a retail business, manufacturers, brand owner or private label seller that is looking to take your business to the next level by fully leveraging the Amazon marketplace, we are here to help.

The Amazon channel can be a difficult one to navigate, which is why many new or well-established brands have trouble generating the types of sales they desire. Whether it is inventory management, Amazon advertising, dealing with trademark enforcement, controlling your brand integrity, we have you covered when it comes to Amazon.

We have multiple ways to partner with your company or brand to help develop a strategy that will work on Amazon. Whether as an hourly consultant or full-service management partner, we would love the opportunity to help grow your bottom line by using the largest e-commerce network in the world.

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The Private Label Group is a well-known Amazon agency that offers full end-to-end Amazon account management.  We have a dedicated team to run every aspect of your Amazon store so you can focus on what you know best.  We manage account features like inventory management, Amazon marketing, listing optimization, customer service, inventory logitsics and more – we literally do it all to give you a hands-off approach. We use a system developed over years of experience to maximize efficiences as we oversee your sales and growth.  It truly is a turnkey solution.

What Areas We Manage As Part of Your Full Sevice Program:

  • Customer Service: we manage all your customer service inquires with accuracy and speed resolving all customer questions, issues, needs or concerns.
  • Review Management*: we create and monitor all reviews left on your product listings along with working to remove reviews that is against Amazon’s terms of service.
  • Feedback Management*: we set up and monitor customer feedback along with working to remove feedback that is against Amazon’s terms of service.
  • FBA Refund Management*: we help manage refunds from customers and also what Amazon is required to pay back to your account.
  • Account Performance: we monitor your Amazon account health to keep your selling status in good standing.
  • FBA Inventory Management: we manage your shipments to Amazon long with FBA inventory levels to ensure you always are in stock.
  • Account & Listing Optimization: we continually optimize your Amazon listings to create the most organic traffic possible that results in sales. This includes title optimization, search term optimization, feature bullet optimization, description optimization, enhanced brand content creation and backend keyword features.
  • Amazon Profit & Liability*: we will help establish a consistent approach towards profit and liability for your Amazon account with proper reporting and notifications.
  • Amazon Marketing**: we manage all ad types for sponsored, headline and display ads to fully optimize your visibility.
  • Pricing/Profit Approaches: we will create profit calculators so you can measure profitability and make decisions on what products to promote.
  • Creative Services***: we will help create your product photography, enhanced brand content and A+ content and videos within your Amazon stores. In addition, we will help activate your Amazon listings to be ready for the sale of inventory.
  • Brand Registry****: we will assist in obtaining your brand trademark from the USPTO office along with submitting appropriate information to Amazon to activate additional features on your account for protection and enhancing the customer experience.

All of the above services are part of the full-service Amazon management program offered by The Private Label Group. Pricing for our full-service program varies by client, so please contact us below for more details and to schedule a 15-minute consultation.

*These management categories require third-party tools for proper management and have small monthly fees included.

**Amazon marketing requires additional funding to advertise on their site. Goals and budgets will be set with the client during on boarding.

***Creative services incur additional fees for set up.

****Your trademark application will require additional fees to the USPTO office.

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We have a unique program designed for those that are new to Amazon and want to ensure success from the start. It is called our Done-For-You Private Label Program where we shoulder the workload and let you be a part of the journey. This program is an A-Z service that will allow you to bring your private label product to the market and leverage Amazon for sales. This is perfect for those who are brand new, have tried before and failed or want to minimize risks involved along this complicated path.

Our program covers things like:

  • Market research and product identification
  • Supplier matching and manufacturing
  • Logistics support for shipping
  • Branding and photography
  • Amazon listing copy
  • Product launch

If you would like to know more, fill out the form below!

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One of our favorite ways to help clients is helping traditional retailers recognize the amazing impact Amazon can have on their bottom line. Many retailers have not yet tapped into the Amazon machine. Maybe they have not even tried. Maybe they have put in effort but saw little results. Regardless of where traditional retailers are today, we help craft a brand and sales strategy to maximize the output of the Amazon’s sales channel.

The approach to bringing a traditional retailer online is very different from existing e-commerce business as its typically involves evaluation of products, opportunity on Amazon, logistics, pricing and more!

How Do We Approach Taking Retail Online?

Step 1 – Understand The Brand’s Operations

Step 2 – Take Portion of the Brand Catalogue for Analysis on Amazon

Step 3 – Make Recommendations For Amazon Opportunity

Step 4 – Begin Intake of Brand Catalogue to Amazon

Step 5 – Set Sales/Advertising Goals For Amazon Channel

Step 6 – Optimize Sales & Chart Growth Plan

The above services are part of Retail To Online program offered by The Private Label Group. Pricing for this program varies by client, so please contact us below for more details and to schedule a 15-minute consultation.

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If our full service approach doesn’t make sense for you yet, but you would still like to use our expert team for our highly-rated services, you are in the right place!

With over a decade of combined experience in designing and building brands, logos, packaging, photography, listing copy…and the list goes on. We are your one stop shop for all services related to Amazon!

Check out all our services available to help you achieve success on Amazon.

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